Mahriok's Youngest Brother


Yanuun is the last child of Toguur and Einjezel. Culturally, he is the most departed from his roots due to the fact that he was raised for a greater part of his life outside of his native tribe. Yanuun has, instead, been brought up as a monk in the small temple of Llyraa in which his father serves. This choice was that of Yanuun himself who felt immensely proud of his father for the choice that the man had made to take up a life of faith, and who felt called himself to that same existence. Therefore, instead of a barbarism as his heart nature, the youngest member of Mahriok’s family instead is controlled by a discipline and decorum that could only be achieved through years of dedication and patience. Even so, there were certain aspects of the past from which he came that Yanuun chose not to defy. This was the history of war in his blood. Instead of combating that natural tendency within himself, Yanuun chose the martial path of the faith, learning worship through the honing of physical and specifically martial arts. Although he does not serve under any militaristic capacity, therefore, he is ready to defend himself, his faith, and those loved by the goddess.

In appearance, even, Yanuun is greatly departed from his siblings who have embraced their lives within the tribe, even Mahriok who has moved into the city of Ahnkmork still dresses in the traditional garb. On the other hand, Yanuun adopted the trappings of a servant of Llyraa. Although simple in adornment, the outfit itself shines like the shells of the sea which make up the trinkets and bobbles that hang about him. His head is shaved of all hair, and the small, finely kept eyebrows are all the hair on his clean shaven face. His body is pure of scars or any sign of violence, though it gives the appearance of being very tough even for a Half-Orc. Moreover, his entire attire is of a form that allows him to shuck off the outer clothing in order to offer nigh zero resistance in water.

Though not even yet an adult by the standards of his own race, Yanuun is very much wise. Though not as quiet as his brother Seduul, the youngest child is still of a more reserved and contemplative nature, being by virtue of tutelage more naturally prayerful and respectful than a Half-Orc would typically be. He is proud to a certain extent of his natural abilities, sometimes to an extent that is not becoming of a servant of the goddess. All the same, he is welcoming as those who serve Llyraa are meant to be. He holds a very close relationship with the Merfolk whose goddess he serves, since they too hold service at the same temple in which he worships. His connection to the sea also is strong, as the domain in which Llyraa herself is said to take form. He is a strong swimmer and also a survivor, with full knowledge of how to live and move free of all aid within the grasp of his goddess. Any wear on his body comes from his travels to the various different islands, sojourns that he has made with his father, the other monks, and even the Merfolk on occasion.

His relationship with his family is somewhat strained for him, having been apart from them for so long. Though he is close with his father in proximity, there is still a sort of gap between the two. His mother also is a sort of distant though beloved figure. Mahriok, on the other hand, gets on with him very well, and the two have become fast friends since Mahriok came to become apprenticed as a council member. The elder brother comes to visit father and younger brother as much as he can, and so do they call on him when their duties permit. Vezjanin, however, is easily the closest of the siblings to Yanuun, since in his youngest years, she was almost like his mother in many ways, and the bond of their love for each other is strongest, transcending all the time that they have been apart so that in action and form, they are most like siblings when together. Although this does not happen often, he dearly loves such events, and the two can often be found out on the water, or off sparring together when she does come to visit, proving inseparable during those occasions.

Yanuun is currently still in the stages of his training as nothing more than a novice, though he is highly skilled at the physical and spiritual forms of his worship. He spends much of his time at his duties within the small temple that acts as his monastery. What other time he has is often spent in sojourn from one small island to another, for contemplation and reflection upon his lessons. Out of his whole family, he has the most experience with the ancestral goddess, although he is still not nearly as religious as his father.

(Post Event: Yanuun is most likely to be able to help Mahriok to come to terms with what has happened, due to his training in control of mind and body, and his more peaceful mode of life.)


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