Mahriok's Sister


Vezjanin is the only girl child of Einjezel and Toguur. Even if her siblings were not all brothers though, and of those she had five, it would be nothing strange to expect of her that she would become more masculine. All the same, and despite what most other races would refer to as a tom-boyish nature in her habits, and even her manly pursuits of war and combat, she is still very much the empathetic and emotional core that her mother was. Taking on many of the motherly traits of Einjezel, Vezjanin would often act as mother to her brothers when their own mother was called away by her duties. She was supportive and stern simultaneously, in a way reveling in the power she held over her kin. They looked to her for strength just as she expected it of them, and neither was found wanting.

As she grew, her tendency towards strength and presence among her peers did not lessen in the least. As a matter of fact, it strengthened. Her own natural prowess, skill, and sheer muscle did not make her any less popular either. Even with the bane of her father’s disgrace hanging over her head, she still remains to this day one of the most desirable women in her tribe, and perhaps within the range of several tribes. More heated in temper than her parents and most of her siblings, Vezjanin is the most likely to start a fight over the family history. She is fiercely loyal to her father’s memory, and the honor of her brother, but perhaps her lightest trigger is the subject of her mother. After the banishment of her father, some of the younger bulls liked to make sport of the unattainable woman who would not accept even the strongest among them as mate despite her prowess, and all of them were too afraid of the wrath of her children and the chieftain to exercise their right to take her. The tale is still told of the day that she nearly tore down the lodge when a party of abrasive young bulls began to insult Einjezel in extremely vulgar fashion. Their intent had been to goad the young female into a rage. They got their wish. Several of them almost never left the lodge.

Presently, she fights among the warriors of her tribe in the pseudo-gladiatorial games that are hosted among the Half-Orcs in times of peace. She is renowned for her trick fighting abilities and incredibly flashy combat style. Able to take all comers, she stands for victory and the thrill of the game, caring less about gaining honor which she does not believe lost, and instead in merely protecting that nobility which already exists. Vezjanin does revel in the attention garnered by her own fame, and has the command of a crowd of at least twelve young bulls at any given time. She particularly enjoys the command which she holds over males. But male or female, the incredible feats of Vezjanin garner adoration and even just racial fervor. Some speculate that she will be able to make it to the more grand arenas which host tournament games for people’s from all of the islands to attend. Few doubt that should she make it so far she would come home holding anything less than a trophy of gold.

Vezjanin is unlike her family in another respect also. While the majority of her kin are deep thinkers, Vezjanin prefers the simplicity of brute force and the respect garnered by her natural beauty and strength. Her lithe form controls many of her peers and even some of her betters, and when that fails, her fist instead takes over the talking. Her fist is a skilled diplomatist. Gifted with all the natural intuition and instinct of her father, as well as with both mum and da’s strength, Vezjanin has met few opponents in her life who she could not subdue. It is those few who command her respect and in some cases, even her affection. She is undeniably attracted to strength, and even submissive to someone who can lay her low, physically speaking. Brains have never really been her desire, although that is not to say she doesn’t have any. She merely prefers to put to use her other gifts in place of those faculties, allowing them to fall by the wayside where they do not benefit her when the blunt trauma of a big stick could do just as well.

Still, the girl loves her family, and is more than happy to be able to have their company, even if her little Mahriok can be a bit of a pansy at times, and Mum does so torture herself, and Da… Well Da sits around and hums all day. Notsrak, though, commands her fully, and she views him as more of a patriarch than her actual Da. She also preferences Seduul, for all his crazed blood thirst at times. With her family she may be a tad bit out of place, but is nonetheless at home. She is notorious among her siblings as being the strongest, even if that pride does fall to Seduul, and they take great enjoyment out of good old fashioned brawls, a dog pile upon which Vezjanin almost always emerges the victor. Yamuun is closest to her in age, and she actually has the best relationship with him, despite the fact that he is a monk and lives with their father. Yamuun is quiet, simple, and has a worldly sort of wisdom about him, that and he plays a mean game of Sukbat, and he fights like the dickens! She loves his little bald head for it, and he being the only brother that is truly younger than her, she somehow manages to feel the most motherly towards him in particular. Of course, this motherly attention does extend to all of her family, and she is able to put aside her bash and crash nature in order to share the love with them and theirs.

(Post event: Vezjanin is the most likely to recognize the power Mahriok has absorbed as the result of the attack, even before the open manifestation of any other presence.)


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