Second son out of six children, Seduul was the quietest of his parent’s children. Perhaps he was one of the more quiet Half-Orcs out of his entire tribe. That is not at all to claim that he was sullen. In fact, he was quite an agreeable creature all throughout his younger years and even later into adulthood. Merely, Seduul kept himself to himself. While the majority of his siblings made distinctions of themselves, Seduul lived a more mundane sort of life. As far as he betrayed any sort of thought, there was no animosity from him over this fact. He simply existed.

In regards to his family, Seduul was a sort of rock, a constant and unchanging individual. He listened well, although consolation was never his strongest suit, he certainly had a certain amount of wisdom to his few replies. Exceedingly patient, almost to the point of appearing as though he really were some kind of a rock, or just lazy, Seduul had a knack for waiting. All the same, he was a slight bit more absent from the majority of family life, if just because he spent most of it watching from a corner.

Once again, combat training made no segregation between Seduul and any other completely normal Half-Orc. In some ways, he was even below average. His hidden nature, though, his tendency to sequester himself, prevented him from receiving the amount of hazing he otherwise would have done. This isn’t because of his tendencies so much, but rather because when he was hunted, he could never be found. It was later then, when the actual combat began that something was revealed about Seduul, although only to a select few. Placed on rudimentary patrols, Seduul would act as a scout for his particular troupe. The thing was, even when there weren’t enemies to be reported, when no danger threatened at all, the young Half-Orc always returned to camp with blood on his blade.

To say that he had a bloodlust would be odd, for unlike the others of his kind, he did not manifest rage or anger or barbaric tendencies to any extreme. In combat training he never fought any harder or more viciously than anyone else. However, in a real situation where lives were dependent on the quickness of his blade and the sharpness of his mind, the scout Seduul how become was something more than a scout. The first person to actually witness the ability was his elder brother, who once gently admitted to his younger sibling a sort of fear that had gripped him at the sight. Seduul became, in the midst of battle, a sort of dervish of steal, whirling almost effortlessly, as though death itself acted as his guide, allowing him to slip between the most minute spaces to meet each next victim as they offered themselves up as unwitting sacrifices to some strange hunger. The younger brother merely absorbed what his sibling communicated to him while he slowly and carefully cleaned off his blade, relieving it of the stain of crimson that enveloped its glimmering length.

Seduul weathered the death of his younger brother and the banishment of his father that occurred almost simultaneously during the events surrounding the Battle of Jerzvog with the same placidity that he did all else, showing no visible signs of affectation. In truth, though, he blamed himself to a great extent for both events, and the depth of his revelry would sometimes dip to a new sort of low, a new sort of darkness that had never before risen into his mind. Where before the raging force in his veins had been calm and controlled, he now felt a new driving power, an undeniable, unstoppable power to which he succumbed. Alone, he battled in his mind against the strength and might that came from within himself.

In the modern day, Seduul is part of the Ohtrahk military, living in his ancestral home with his mother when he is not in the field. He is still silent as he ever was, still viewed as nothing more than average, still an enigma to the world at large.

(Post Event: after the attack Mahriok experiences, Seduul may very well be the person who could most understand the battle that Mahriok goes through, the trial he endures, for Seduul himself battles a very real sort of demon within himself.)


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