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A skilled warrior and tactician, Notsrak gained the eyes of the elders of the Ohtrahk tribes at a young age. Trained with the use of many various weapons, armor, beasts, and the command of men, Notsrak has risen to be an integral part of the Ohtrahk military. Young, even for a half-orc, to be a general, he is yet both a ruthless warrior and a peerless commander. Fiercely loyal to his troops and determined to conquer the field with all his men alive, Notsrak personally leads his forces into battle, when the need should arise as it does amongst the barbaric tribes from time to time. Although it is true that he has suffered crushing defeats at times, still he is lauded for his capability and resource. His name is reason to fear for those who would threaten his people, and a reason for his people to rally and sound the war cry.

The eldest brother of six children, Notsrak found out what it meant to be a leader at home. He was a proxy father to his siblings, since his own was so often away, and so grew up even faster than most Half-Orc children. Instead of becoming hot-headed, rash, and brutal, though, he adopted the traits of his father, a quiet and commanding air of calm fortitude even in the most frantic times of life. He grew gentle and firm and wise, with patience and understanding as his guides. His mother influenced him greatly in this, giving sound advice and teaching him the art of discernment, lessons to which he responded wholeheartedly. Therefore, did Notsrak acquire the skills of a leader.

Strength and confidence would be his allies also, as he was gifted with the natural strength possessed by both his father and mother. He was quick on his feat, strong throughout his entire body and had the strong body of his kin. For his prowess, he was much loved throughout the tribe even when he was young. In his training, he excelled along with the best of the students who studied alongside him, and came to gain respect and honor. When it came time for him to become one of the tribe’s warriors, he was placed into a position as a captain of his graduating unit, which was a very uncommon honor indeed. He held this position with pride, and his whole family supported him in his new position, even if the younger brothers did have to admit a bit of jealousy.

Notsrak was always drawn to the company, though, of his younger brother, the fourth child Mahriok. Mahriok was different from the other Half-Orcs, and no doubt about it. He didn’t like fighting particularly, and he wasn’t interested in being a healer or a mystic. Instead, he wanted to know about people. He spent all his time trying to figure out why a person would do a thing, even the simplest actions were suspect to him. Notsrak would have long discussions with the younger boy in which they would discover the needs and wants of others, their motivations and reasons. He enjoyed these times most of all, more than fighting or commanding his kin, though those things were great and honorable duties to him. This was a thrill, to exercise his mind, and with someone so young and already so developed. he was proud too, of Mahriok’s boldness and openness with speech, for the boy would challenge men much bigger than him, his elders, and even the chieftain. Granted, Notsrak understood the danger of such behavior, but he yet admired the boy for it.

Several years later, he would watch all four of his younger brothers join the ranks of the tribe’s small military, which was a part of a much larger force made up of many tribes who were always prepared to war with one another at the drop of a hat. Each of them performed bravely and effectively, except for the smaller and less physically inclined Mahriok who was often reduced by his companions and commanders for his inability in combat. That is, until they discovered a strange but interesting talent of his. Mahriok, with the cool of his father and elder brother, was able to spread an almost spell-like ability over the others of his squad, enhancing their prowess in combat with nothing more than a few shouted words. Where he went, the battle always went better, if not well, for his companions. After some time, some finagling, and a little bit of help, Notsrak managed to gain command of his brothers. Unfortunately, their union as a team on the field of combat came just in time for the last great conflict of the past ten years, the Battle of Jerzvog.

It was a hard and daunting thing, to be able to keep such young creatures going in the face of a hopeless and bloody perversion of a real war. The whole screaming battle had turned into an absolute mess. Nobody knew who was one whose side any more, or even if their were sides. Whatever had been fought over in the first place was forgotten in place of simply staying alive through the mayhem. Several tribes had probably been completely wiped out, was the speculation based on the sheer number of bodies one could trip over on the island to the point where it became ridiculous to believe that so many Half-Orcs had been alive in order to be killed. it was in the middle of one of the hardest bits that his brother, the third child, Gorek, was struck, first by an arrow and then cut down. They were able to drag him to safety, but his wounds were too grievous for any of them to be able to stop the bleeding, and Notsrak could only watch as Mahriok held their brother through the final moments of his life. Without even a moment to grieve, they were thrown back into the heat of the conflict, live or die, move and live, stay and die. the body was never found in all the mess afterwards, but Notsrak kept a small pendant that had once belonged to his brother. A gift it had been, from a sweetheart, Gorek had said. to this day, no one knows who she was, or if she made it out either.

Their father was banished the day they arrived home. It was a horrible shock to all of them. Toguur had virtually single-handedly ended a war, and this was how he was repaid? Notsrak could not deny that there was rage in him at the injustice of it, but he also understood how the code of honor in the tribe worked. The chieftain, Basmagef, could not show partiality even to a hero, if that hero had broken the code. he watched as his father was forced, naked, from the tribe. He watched also as his younger brother Mahriok did something very foolish. The boy ran out and took up his father’s weapon, a greataxe before any could stop him and wielded it high into the air. With eyes fixed on the receding form of his patriarch, Mahriok shouted to all that could hear, at the very top of his lungs, “This is the weapon of a man! A man who may with pride say that he looked death in the face, and who buried his axe into that dark phantom. With this weapon, he has laid low death itself!” The immediate impact was that of awe, but it would later brand Mahriok, the coward son of a coward.

In the years since then, Notsrak has become, in his own right, and from beneath the shadow of his father’s disgrace, a revered and feared general. Known for his ferocity and cunning, Notsrak is both a terror to his enemies and a boon to his allies. Himself an incredible warrior, Notsrak commands from the front line, where he embroils himself in battle. his adaptive tactics have won him a great name not only among the Half-Orc tribes, but in the other races which make up the alliance of Ahnkmork. His notoriety even extends into the court-life of Ahnkmork, and he is welcomed in high society, though looked at as a very exotic and somewhat barbaric gentleman, he is nonetheless able to function quite as easily in a room full of politicians and bankers as among the screaming hordes of his enemies, changing steel for rhetoric, though he could not match his mother or Mahriok, still he is an excellent conversationalist.

He also has found time to visit his father at the temple where Jen Un Sin serves. Still Notsrak grows in wisdom and expands his knowledge from the teachings of his father, though he himself does not serve Llyraa, he learns from her teachings also. His father and he are somewhat a little bit more separated, despite being very much alike in manner of thought and deed. He sees what he can of his mother and other siblings, although his favorite is still Mahriok, with whom he has little contact, but nonetheless does he yet enjoy his little brother most.

(Post Event: Notsrak is highly probably the most understanding and supportive of the change Mahriok chooses within himself.)


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