Mahriok's mother


Bearing closer ties to her human side, emotionally, than a typical half-orc woman, Einjezel combined the ferocity and dedication to strength of the half-orc society with the acceptance and open-mindedness that belongs more with humans. It was her versatility that allowed her to realize Mahriok’s strengths for what they were. The child was manipulative, though not in a bad way. He could get his much larger and stronger siblings to calm down or to do things simply by speaking. Understanding very well the power of words, which she had for years exercised in the relationship with her own bullheaded husband, she fostered the connection of her brood, bringing them close together and forging a more protective nature in her stronger children for the weaker one. Thus the eldest brother Notsrak and the younger sister Vezjanin became close to Mahriok and remained so throughout their childhoods and even into adulthood.

Einjezel is strong, as Half-Orcs are expected to be, but she is also cunning and resourceful. Determined not to have to rely on brute strength, but rather guile, the woman impressed many in her tribe from an early age and was sought after by many a prospective mate. However, she was attracted, herself, to another of the tribe who searched for no mate. Toguur was her intended target because of his more silent and peaceful nature. Forced to actively pursue his attentions, Einjezel presented the proposal of marriage to the man herself, something audacious but not unheard of in their tribal society. He accepted and they went on together to have six children.

Though all members of the tribe were required to join the small military force that made up their tribe, Einjezel was not long required to do so, in part because of her fertility, but all the more because the tribe’s chieftain discovered how effective she was at controlling the tempers and attentions of those seated on the tribal council. Meanwhile, her husband became a ranking officer due to his calm and cool in the face of the hardest situations. Two such level headed individuals working in concert even at a distance was a valuable asset to the tribe.

And then the Battle of Jerzvog happened. Life had been difficult. Much of the time, Einjezel and Toguur were separated from one another by vast amounts of space and more dead bodies than either of them would like to contemplate. Her children were growing up well under her direction. She was considered odd in her parenting methods, discouraging her young ones from fighting with one another, fostering such strong loyalties between them, and encouraging them to actively put themselves in harm’s way to protect the weakest son. They were old enough to go into the military, at least the four eldest were, her boys, while the young girl and the baby stayed with her as she tended her duties. It was that battle, though, that changed everything. It had been a bloody massacre of a thing that had dragged on for weeks. Multiple tribes had been drawn into the conflict and alliances shifted as quickly as the tides of the ocean. Too many had died to count, including her husband’s commanding officer, and he had taken charge in the dead man’s stead. This much she knew. Of her sons, who had gone to the same field of battle, she heard nothing. Until the day the runners came with news of the battle’s end. After having managed to rally a great number of the tribes to his side, Toguur had parleyed with the opposing chieftain, and both had laid down their arms before each of their armies.

The mutual surrender was a shocking revelation. Einjezel was horrified. The other general, they said, had been beheaded for the disgrace of laying down his weapons willingly, but his men would not break a truce made in honor. Sickened at the thought of what could have happened to her husband, Einjezel could only wait. When the forces returned, she found her partner very much alive, though injured. The day of his arrival, however, was not to be a happy one. Both of them knew this, and made the very most of what few moments they had. The tribe’s council convened, and Toguur was brought before them, tried, and sentenced to banishment for crimes against the honor of his people. Einjezel knew the chieftain hated to have to do what he did, but the council could not allow such an offender to stay. He would leave immediately, stripped of his weapons and armor and even his clothes, so that all might know his disgrace. Still, he left with dignity, and she could not have been more proud of him than in the moment he lifted his head high and strode out of the tribe forever. As if that blow was not hard enough, she found out as her eldest son returned with his brothers Mahriok and Seduul that her third child was dead.

In the time since then, Einjezel has never once fallen to despair, at least not that anyone has seen. Only her children know the depth of her pain, and that only because of their intimate knowledge of their mother. She has become a strong fixture in the tribe, and is virtually a member of the council, and acts as the current chieftain’s adviser in many situations. She has not remarried, despite her high eligibility and desirability to other members of the tribe. Absolved of her husbands disgrace by his departure, she is technically a free woman, and has chosen to remain so, considering herself to be yet bound by matrimony. This is not for lack of offers as enough have tried to win her hand. Even one to whom she owes much, the current chieftain, Zjormagog has offered her as a friend, and perhaps more, his own home. She refused him as she did the others, although with more understanding and care.

She was highly supportive of the council’s decision to make a Mahriok a diplomatic apprentice, knowing full well the boy’s potential. Moreover, he would be travelling to Ahnkmork, which was where her husband had come to live. This would be between about eight or nine years after his banishment. Her youngest son, who is called Yanuun, had actually gone to live with Toguur, who is now known as Jen Un Sin, and who is a monk at the small temple of Llyraa, which is on the shore where the earth meets the water so that land dwelling and sea dwelling worshipers alike may come together. her eldest two boys and her daughter, however, are very much a part of their traditional culture, although in many ways her eldest, Notsrak, is much like his father. yet he works every day to restore his family’s honor in the eyes of his tribe. Seduul, the second son, cares little for what others think or do, and revels himself in the glory of battle and blood. Vezjanin, the daughter, is more like her eldest brother, bound by honor and a strong warrior, she seeks, as her mother before her, to promote brain as well as brawn in her tribe. Although, she herself is a tad bit more brawn and instinct than she is cool-headed thinker. Therefore, her pride, her brood, as it were, are somewhat split as she and her husband have long been, but now with a chance to visit Mahriok on the odd occasion under the guise of some diplomatic mission, she has been given the chance to reunite infrequently with her mate, and the two cherish such moments greatly. Their relationship was able to stand the test of time and space, and now they have even been considering the option of severing that distance, Einjezel leaving the tribe also to come and live with her husband, since her children are all of age or cared for, and the tribe is stronger than ever before. Still, Jen Un Sin is very supportive of his wife’s choice to stay and support their ally Zjormagog in the council against the more aggressive members who are lodged in their past ways and traditions too much to allow their tribe to evolve into a new age. The job is wearing on her, though, and she has payed great prices to be able to do all she has done. Though she regrets nothing, she would soon be willing to lay down her torch and pursue for the first time in a long time, her happiness and that of those she loves most.

(Post Event: Einjezel comes as quickly as possible to Mahriok’s side, to be able to help and support him, and in some ways, to replace him in his duties as apprentice to Toezak.)


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