You walk into this city for reasons that are your own. The sun hits your eyes as you walk into the market, obscuring your vision. As your eyes adjust, a wondrous sight lies in front of you: market stalls as far as your eyes can see, smells assault your nose as the world still comes into focus, spices from every corner of the world, food you can only imagine how it tastes. Your eyes start to focus on an individual sense as your ears are attacked by the clamor all around you of buying and trading. To your left a dwarf is pawning jewelry off to a non-to-happy looking goblin. Next to him an elf sells rugs of the brightest and finest colors you’ve ever seen assisted by a skeletal servant. Further to the left you see a group of teen girls, an elf, a human, and what looks like a girl with snakes for hair, giggling as they look over one of the many clothing stands. Next to them a group of kobolds work tirelessly on a construction project. “Excuse me,” a tall, shady, green-skinned man says as he walks by with a group of equally shady people walking along with him. Welcome to Ahnkmork.


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